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Special Programs

  • Trike-A-Thon- Each year we allow the children to decorate and bring their bikes/trikes to ride laps around the parking lot, the bikes with the best decorations win prizes. The children are sponsored and paid for each lap they ride. At the end of the Trike-A-Thon, all of the money earned goes to St. Jude`s Children`s Research Hospital.
  • Parade of Costumes - Every year, in October, each classroom chooses a theme and create costumes. The teachers and children work very hard to make the costumes at school using classroom materials. The parents are then invited to come and watch as the students and teachers parade around the school, showing off the creative costumes they made. Some of the classroom themes this year were The Four Food Groups, The United States, Bumble Bees and M&M`s.
  • Community Outreach - We believe it is very important to help those in need. In the past, we have raised money and donated to Metropolitan Ministries, Toys for Tots, St. Jude`s Children`s Research Hospital, The Veterans` Action Project and the American Cancer Society. This year, we will be collecting food and goods for local food pantries to support familes in need in our own community.
  • Parents Night/ Shopping Day Out - This is an opportunity given to the parents several times a year to have an evening or weekend day out while knowing that their children are being cared for by people they know and trust.
  • Book Fairs - It is so important to start a life-long love of reading early on. To encourage the children to read often and for fun, Book Fairs are held here at the school to help parents keep their home library stocked for their children and help us keep the classrooms filled with as many books as possible for the children to read.
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